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Juventus were left livid by their Champions League elimination at maxbet the hands of Real Madrid, and many have been frustrated by the late penalty Los Blancos received, yet Lucas Vazquez has put it down to envy, suggesting that it hurts people to see the team in eight successive semi finals.Sunday's clash against Malaga meant little to the defending champions' season with it very difficult for Los Blancos to overhaul Atletico Madrid and finish second."It hurts people to see us in the semi finals eight years in a row," he admitted in his post-match interview."It creates envy with people that we have to learn to live with."Many people are happy about our misfortune."The decision to award Los Blancos a late penalty is still being talked about in both Italy and Spain, yet Vazquez fails to see the controversy."It was a penalty, that's clear," he intimated."People are giving so much attention to maxbet something that has already happened."The penalty is being discussed more in Spain than in Italy."Bayern Munich will present a significant challenge for the Spanish giants in the semi final, although the Spanish maxbet midfielder is relishing the task."They are one of the biggest teams in Europe," he confirmed."It will be a fantastic match."James is there too, he's a friend, but I hope he doesn't reach the final."
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